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Table of Contents                                                            Vol. 11 No. 4 | July/Aug. 2023

        Features                                         38  Understanding Engineered Wood Flooring Inspections

                                                            Henri Carr of Institute for Floor Covering Inspections International (IFCII),
        8  Porcelain Paver Tech in Exterior Tile Installations  explains some common issues that arise during engineered wood flooring
           NTCA’s Bart Bettiga discusses the rapid growth of pairing pedestal   inspections.
           assembly systems with gauged porcelain tiles in exterior installations.
           He notes that without existing installation standards make sure to follow   40  Product Spotlight: Choosing Your ProKnee Kneepads
           manufacturer recommendations.

        12  Case Study: Schönox, Sherwin-Williams Team Up
           for Gym Subfloor
           Schönox and Sherwin-Williams recently partnered on a project to   Departments                 JULY/AUG. 2023
           solve deflection and movement of the second floor gym at the upscale  • $6
           Rush Apartments near UNC Charlotte.            6    Publishers’ Note
                                                          42  New Products           Understanding Moisture Vapor
                                                                                       Emission Ratings, p. 29
        14  Running Your Business: The Other Tools of the Trade
           INSTALL’s David Gross explores foundational skills needed to excel as   On the Cover:  Hand Sewing Carpet Seams, p. 32
           a flooring installation contractor. These include networking, planning
           for growth, keeping track of your financials, and recruiting and   Shown is the Bostik Academy
                                                                                      Engineered Wood Flooring
           retaining top-tier talent.                     training school. Photo     Porcelain Paver Tech in
                                                                                        Inspections, p. 38
                                                          courtesy of Bostik Inc.    Exterior Tile
                                                                                     Installations, p. 8
                                                                                     Running Your
        18  Hardwood Stains: Sap, Sticker, Iron, Tannic Acid                         Business:
                                                                                     The Other Tools of
                                                                                     the Trade, p. 14
           NWFA’s Brett Miller explains the most common reasons for unwanted         Hardwood Stains:
                                                                                     Sap, Sticker, Iron,
           stains in hardwood floors. He presents the stains considered to be part   Tannic Acid, p. 18
                                                                                     Contractor Issues:
           of the wood’s character, when to sand or scrape, and when to replace      Knowing Your
                                                                                      Worth, p. 34
           the entire board.
        22  Quick Tip: Dual-Depth Offers More Benefits to
           Pinless Meters                                 Publishing & Sales Office
                                                          4607 Lakeview Canyon Rd.,
        26  Focus on Resilient: The Many Causes of Top-down   Ste. 560
           Indentations                                   Westlake Village, CA 91361
           Columnist Ray Thompson presents the most common causes of   Phone: (805) 444-1472
           indentations in resilient flooring, including hospital beds, stiletto heels,   Fax: (805) 272-9729
           and furniture rests under chairs and desks in schools.
                                                          Jeff Golden, Editor & Co-Publisher
        29  Quick Tip: Understanding Moisture Vapor       Dan Lipman, Sales Manager & Co-Publisher
           Emission Ratings                               Mike Chmielecki, Senior Editor
                                                          Tony King, Art Director
        30  Case Study: Sika System Used in Jewish Community   Editorial Advisory Board:
           Center Renovations
           The Shanna & Bryan Glazer Jewish Community Center in Tampa, Fla.   Ceramic Tile Education Foundation (CTEF); Floor Covering Installation
                                                          Contractors Association (FCICA); INSTALL; International  Certified
           renovation featured a sustainable, fully warranted system from Sika   Flooring Installers Association (CFI); National Tile Contractors
           Corp. Products included moisture mitigation, self-leveling, patching,   Association (NTCA); National Association of Floor Covering Technicians
           skimming and adhesives best suited for the 8.5mm cushioned sports   (NAFCT); National Institute of Floor Covering Inspectors (NIFCI);
           vinyl floor covering.
                                                          National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA); North American Laminate
                                                          Floor Assn.; and World Floor Covering Association (WFCA).
        32  The Basics of Hand Sewing Carpet Seams
           NFIC’S P.J. Arthur talks about importance of hand sewing seams with   PROINSTALLER MAGAZINE  Volume 11, Issue 4  (ISSN 2327-6312,  Print)
           wool carpets. He gives a brief overview of the different knots and how   and (ISSN 2327-6320, Online) is published by JG Media Group LLC, 4607
           to make sure the job goes smoothly.            Lakeview Canyon Rd., Ste. 560, Westlake Village, CA 91361. Telephone:
                                                          (805) 444-1472, Fax: (805) 272-9729.  Annual rate for subscriptions in the
        34  Contractor Issues: Knowing Your Worth         U.S.A.: $30 USD.
           Columnist Bob Blochinger urges installers to consider their worth
           when bidding on a job, and pricing themselves accordingly. Build a   Annual rate for subscriptions to nonqualified individuals in Canada: $50
           reputation as the go-to person in your area by becoming an expert   (includes GST and postage); all other countries: $75 (airmail) USD.
           while never providing shoddy workmanship.
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        36  Product Spotlight: Küberit Focuses on LVT
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