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Porcelain Paver Technology Creates New Opportunities for Tile Installers, Continued

        alternative options, and can be installed at nearly any   manufacturer and may be necessary in some instances to
        time of year in both hot and cold climates. The nature of   protect the corners of the unbonded tiles as they sit on the
        this type of installation minimizes the risk of freeze/thaw   pedestals.
        damage to the tiles and significantly reduces the likelihood
        of efflorescence.                                   Pedestals are generally plastic and should be flame
                                                            resistant and should not be affected by freeze or thaw
        Pedestal systems are growing in use and popularity at a   conditions. They can be adjusted in height from as low
        fast rate. Like most new technology, there are currently   as 1/8” and up to 36”! Some pedestals are fixed in height
        no installation standards for pedestal assemblies used   while others are adjustable to accommodate the pitch
        with porcelain pavers. Last July, the ANSI Committee   or slope of the substrate. Most systems can handle up to
        that develops product and installation standards for   5-7% slope in the installation.
        ceramic tile added language that defines 2cm and larger
        gauged porcelain tile pavers. Until installation standards   Tile contractors should understand some essentials of the
                                                             1.  Get educated and trained on gauged porcelain tile
                                                               pavers and pedestal assemblies.
                                                             2.  Tiles must be contained by abutting against a wall
                                                               curb or some type of restraint and be supported at
                                                               the edge. Check with the pedestal manufacturer for
                                                             3.  Make sure the waterproof roofing membrane
                                                               meets requirements established by the pedestal
                                                             4.  Install a slip sheet between the pedestal base and the
                                                               waterproofing membrane to avoid compromising the
                                                             5.  Invest in the proper wet saw with blades specifically
                                                               designed for cutting porcelain pavers.
                                                             6.  Make sure the porcelain tile paver is rated for the
                                                               application it is being considered for. If installed in a
                                                               wet area, ensure it meets the Dynamic Coefficient of
                                                               Friction requirements that can be found in the TCNA
                                                               Handbook, to avoid slip/fall risks.
                                                             7.  Provide routine care and maintenance requirements
             Pedestals are often adjustable and can be raised or   of the deck and system to the end user. This should
          lowered from 1/8” up to 36” depending on the requirements   be done with the support of the tile and pedestal
                          of the installation.                 manufacturers.

        are developed, you must rely on the porcelain tile paver   Gauged porcelain tile pavers and pedestal assembly
        manufacturer and pedestal assembly manufacturer for   systems are an exciting new development in the tile
        details and installation recommendations. Tile contractors   industry. With proper training and a minimal investment
        being asked to bid or install these products should receive   in tools, tile contractors have an opportunity to expand
        specifications and product recommendations for use and   their business in both residential and commercial sectors.
        their installation in writing.                      It is recommended to reach out to porcelain tile and
                                                            pedestal system manufacturers and distributors for more
        Pedestals are often applied over a waterproofing    information related to training and education opportunities.
        membrane but are unattached. They can be adjusted
        for height, slope and joint alignment. The pavers are
        not grouted and the tiles are installed in a tight joint.
        Rooftop decks above grade, raised and on grade terraces,   About the Author:
        courtyards and pool decks are just a few examples of   Bart Bettiga has over 35 years of experience
        where these products are being used. The substrate is   in the ceramic tile industry and has been
        generally concrete or wood and often installed over any   the Executive Director of the National Tile
                                                             Contractors Association since 2002. He
        number of roofing deck membrane systems. In most     is a member of the Executive Committee
        instances, the assemblies are installed over pitched   of the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation
        waterproofing membranes. One important factor to     and is a board member of Coverings, the international tile and
        consider is if a backing layer needs to be applied to the   stone exposition. He was the 2018 recipient of the prestigious
        back of the tile. This can be done in the field or by the   National Tile Contractors Association Ring Of Honor.

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